Most cases of mild bloating are just a normal part of digestion. But increasing your intake of fibre and fluids and making sure you’re doing something active at least once a day will help support your overall digestion.

If your bloating is out of the ordinary or the symptoms change, it might be worth speaking to your GP or a Registered Dietitian, just to be on the safe side.
Switching from a relatively low-fibre diet to one that’s rich in high-fibre foods can be uncomfortable at first. But don’t give up. After just a few days, the body will adjust. The increase of fluids and insoluble fibre (such as natural wheat bran) helps to move food waste along the digestive tract more easily.

All-Bran cereals are a great source of insoluble fibre and by taking the 7 Day Challenge and see if you feel the difference.

TIP: Introduce high-fibre foods like natural wheat bran into your diet gradually and drink plenty of water as you do so. This gives your digestive system time to adjust.
Expectant Mums


Many expectant mums struggle with regularity during their pregnancy, that’s because physiologically things are different during those 9 months. Maintaining a healthy diet and ensuring it includes fibre can help to support digestive health during the pregnancy journey.

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My digestive health

  My digestiveHealth  

Most of us know very little about how digestion works. Find out ways to support your digestive health.

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